Changing property boundaries

Changing property boundaries


Changing property boundaries on your title can be very complex. You will need a licensed surveyor and in most instances a lawyer or other legal representative.

Property boundaries can be altered on a title by:

•    Applying for an amendment to a boundary. You might do this if your actual property boundary differs from what is on your land title, or if there is an error in the titles register
•    subdividing land
•    consolidating two or more parcels of land



To alter the boundaries that appear on your title you will need to provide the following:

•    the application with the required consents
•    the certificate of title (often referred to as the duplicate)
•    plan of survey, subdivision or consolidation
•    abstract of field records and surveyor’s report
•    statutory declaration (if required, refer to the current version of the Lodging Book )
•    Other evidence supporting the application (if required).

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