land Survey

land SurveyUganda Land Commission requests Commissioners Survey & Mapping to give report on opening of Boundaries. Its’ main functions are:-
1. To provide and maintain plans for property boundaries in support of the Land Registration throughout the country.
2. To provide all kinds of topographical and thematic maps in both rural and urban areas of the country for use by other Government Departments and the general public (including tourist visitors)

•      Establishment and maintenance of geodetic control network.
•      Surveying, inspecting of maintaining national and international  boundaries.
•     Calibration and maintenance of precise distance and angular measuring equipment used by departmental surveyors.
•      Acquisition of small and large scale photographs for mapping.
•      Maintenance of all aerial photographic records and supplying the same to other organizations.
•      Surveying for production of large and small scale topographic maps.
•      Execution of New grant surveys and compilation of deed plans.
•      Approving all title surveys
•      Production of plans for gazettement of administrative boundaries, forests and National Park boundaries.
•      Maintenance and storage of all survey records.
•      Liaison with department of Land Adjudication and Settlement in preparation of plans for Land Adjudication programmes.
•      Provide and coordinate training and research in surveying and mapping.
•      Production, maintenance and provision of geographical data in digital   form.

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