Our Objectives

It includes:-

•    To ensure the effective and efficient management of all Government land and property thereon
•    To develop and maintain an updated inventory and database for all Government land and property
•    To ensure that all Government land is titled and secured
•    To ensure proper use and accountability of Land Fund
•    To enable bonafide and lawful occupants acquire registrable interest.

Main functions

The main roles and functions of Uganda Land Commission are the followings;
i)    Initiate actions and ensure that all Government lands are titled.
ii)    Manage and ensure safe custody of titles for lands vested in or acquired by Government.
iii)    Protect Government lands from unauthorized use.
iv)    Verify claims and pay property rates for government
v)    Execute deeds like leases, tenancy agreements for Government lands and development therein or property rented by Government.
vi)    Identify, compile update and manage an inventory of all Government land and developments therein.
vii)    Regularly monitor the use and developments on Government land.
viii)    Conduct investigations and handle litigations arising out of disputes over Government land.
ix)    Collaborate and liaise with the Ministry of Lands, other stakeholders and responsible organs on the review of land laws.
x)    Coordinate management of Government land between user Ministries/Departments/Institutions.
xi)    Resettle persons displaced as a result of Government actions, natural disasters or any other cause through outright compensations or provision of alternative land.
xii)    Manage and account for the Land Fund as prescribed in the Land Act.
xiii)    Provide technical support to District Land Boards.

Key outputs

The followings are the key outputs of the review period;
•    Monthly staff salaries paid promptly by 28th day of every month;
•    Organised 2 team building workshops in which the Commission vision, mission, objectives, core values and activities were developed and updated;
•    Prepared and submitted all mandatory reports and documents (i.e. Financial reports and accounts, BFP, MPS, Annual Performance Report (APR), Procurement      reports (PR), etc)
•    Government properties in 6 districts verified for purposes of property rate payments;
•    Property rates on government property paid to 3 Urban Councils;
•    Government land surveyed and 35 land titles processed;
•    Government land inventory in 8 districts updated;
•    Government land not required for immediate use divested and 581 leases processed;
•    Non-tax revenues of UShs. 2.475 billion collected from premium and ground rent;
•    Facilitated identification and boundary opening of 2,364.2 hectares of land in Buyaga (Kibaale) to enable valuation and compensations take place;

•    4,276.8 hectares of registered land in Kibaale were compensated for regularization of ownerships to bonafide occupants; and 79 land titles transferred to Uganda Land Commission
•    2 Stakeholder consultations carried out on Draft Land Fund Regulations.



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