Welcome Message from the Chairman

Chairman Uganda Land CommissionOn behalf of the Uganda Land Commission, I warmly welcome you to this website, which is intended to form a Backbone for information sharing. The Uganda Land Commission is a Constitutional body established under Article 238 (1) and article 239 of its Constitution and the Land Act (section 46 and 47).

The Commission is composed of Members with powers to monitor and ensure efficiency and effectiveness of Land management owned by Government of Uganda. The Commissioners are drawn from persons of integrity and unquestionable character. The Commission also has Staff members (Technical & support staff) who carry out day to day activities of the Commission. The website provides information on the composition, functions and mandate of the Commission as well as information on the Commission Secretariat and Departments.

The website is designed as an easy-to-use informative tool which will work towards fulfilling the ULC Vision., ‘All Government land and property thereon secured and effectively managed and historical land injustices resolved. Through this website, therefore, the ULC aims to provide users a forum for quick information collection, access, analysis, dissemination and feedback about the services rendered by the Commission.

The website is also intended to showcase the activities and outputs of the ULC as it strives to ensure that all persons in Uganda have access to improved Public Land Matters as in our objectives.

I wish you an educative and informative interaction with the ULC website as we work to effectively hold and manage Government Land and Property thereon and resolve all Historical Land injustices .
Hon. Baguma Isoke
Uganda Land Commission.

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